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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Somebody get this to Bob Casey Jr, Quick!

Originally published on The Wide Awakes

State Treasurer Robert Casey Jr.
State Treasurer’s Office
Harrisburg, PA

Dear Treasurer Casey:

Can I call you Bob? Thanks!

Dear Bob:

It has come to my attention that you are considering running for the United States Senate in 2006. I am writing you this letter in the hopes you will reconsider. Let’s talk straight, from one former Pennsylvanian to another Pennsylvanian.

What are you thinking?

While I respect your ambition, I must question your timing. Rick Santorum is popular in our state, which is not as blue as the past few Presidential elections would lead people to believe. You know as well as I do Senator Santorum’s political history. He was elected to the House from a district that was sixty-eight percent registered Democrat. After the 1990 census, he was redistricted, with seventy-four percent of the voters being registered Democrats. He won again. I know, I worked on his campaigns in 1992, and his Senate bid in ‘94 when he defeated “rising star” Harris Wofford (otherwise known as “The Democrat to get the second-biggest lift to his career from John Heinz’s death"). Santorum has got money, experience and a well oiled machine at his disposal. Let’s compare what you have going for you.

Bob, I love you like a brother, but let’s be honest. You are not liked by your side. This is a bit of a step up from your father, who was hated by his own side, but still…

You were supposed to be the shoe-in for Governor, but the party let Ed Rendell challenge you in the primary. Who came to your aid? You’re sitting in the Treasurer’s office because they kept you out of the governor’s office. Now, many of these same people are whispering in your ear, trying to convince you to run for the Senate. Let’s be honest here, Bob. They hate Rick Santorum more than they dislike you. You’re a handy tool, nothing more.

Of /course/ the state Democrats will look the other way on your strong anti-flushing babies down the toilet stance. Of course they are saying nothing about your support of the Second Amendment. They want to use you to their own ends. They want to run the Casey name in front of the voters, nothing more.

Now Bob, let’s suppose you would win, which is unlikely. What would the future hold? The Democrats in the Senate would give you a chairmanship, most likely. Yeah, you’d be chair of the “fetch me a cup of coffee, decaf, with low-fat cream” Committee. Do you honestly think you will have any chance to get your agenda heard? Tell me, Bob, who will your strongest ally be: Barbara Boxer, Dianne not-so-Feinstein, or Chuckie Schumer? Remember, Zell Miller will be retiring. Do you really want to spend the next six years as Ted Kennedy’s designated driver?

After serving your term in the Senate, do you know what your reward will be?

They will be coming for you.

As soon as Rick Santorum is safely out of the way, the knives will come out. The Democrat Party will not let someone defending the unborn stay in office. Barbara Heifer Hafer is chomping at the bit. She was “principled” and left the Republican Party so she wouldn’t have to wait for Arlen Specter to retire. You can bet the sharks will be circling in 2012. Who will your friends be then? Who will have your back, Bob?

Bob, the Democrats worked your dad, God rest his soul. They humiliated him nationally in ‘92. Do you really want to be their lap dog? There’s a better way, Bob. We both know you want to be Governor. Your dad was a credit to the office, and I’m certain you would be no less. Why don’t you join the team, and come on over for the big win. Follow in your father’s footsteps, Bob. They were leading out of the Democrat Party.


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