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Sunday, January 16, 2005

At my signal, unleash hell.

-- Maximus

My five year has been deeply affected by the reforms of Marius. The evolution of the Roman Army from part-time duty of the landed class to a professional standing army.

The direct effect it has in Rome: Total War is the removal of Velites, Hastati, Principes and Triarii from production. He just isn't as captivated by the Legion cohorts. I think it's because when I've explained how the Republican Army worked, he could relate to it himself. "So, I'd get big and start as a Velite. Then, if I was a good soldier I could be a Hastati." He never really makes it to Principe or Triarii. To the little guy, the Hastati is the end all, be all. Well, that or a war dog.

"You're the general, and I'm your pet war dog." So I have a pet war dog. Don't laugh, or I'll sic him on you. He's /mean/.

Rome: Total War is a good game. The folks at the Creative Assembly have a strong track record for historical strategy games starting with Shogun, and continuing with Medieval War. They are relatively painless ways to get a basic background, and develop an interest in varied eras in history. Heck, The History Channel even uses the game engine for their series "Decisive Battles". The series depicts a few battles that had a profound impact on the development of Western Civilization. One of the featured experts on the series is Victor Davis Hanson. Any time you can go from a video game to VDH, you know you're onto something good.


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