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Sunday, January 09, 2005

There isn't a real you.

--Lynne Margulies

Another one from imdb.

Troubled rocker Courtney Love is selling her New York apartment so she can start a new life in California. The former Hole frontwoman faced a string of lawsuits last year and was publicly carried out of her Crosby Street, Manhattan, home in July wearing a camisole and handcuffs, before spending time in hospital for an "unspecified gynecological condition". Love is now desperate to regain custody of her and late husband Kurt Cobain's daughter Frances Bean - who she lost custody of in late 2003 following her arrest for drug and assault charges - and is hoping a fresh start in LA will mean she can put the past few years behind her. Love has listed the 4,100 square foot loft, featuring a wood-burning fireplace, high ceilings and stunning views, with the Corcoran Group real estate company. Corcoran's Wilbur Gonzalez tells American website The Scoop, "It's one of the best buildings downtown and perfect for a movie or rock star."

That'll work. Good plan, C-Love. I mean, isn't that what anyone would do who wants to leave behind a past filled with drugs and excessive partying? Move to LA? Nothing but good can come from moving to Los Angeles to get away from wild parties with tons of drugs and alcohol. That's just the obvious move, go to LA to get away from the drug scene. Things will go well after that. What a big help that will be, getting away from that New York drug scene, leaving all that behind to live in sleepy little Los Angeles. Why didn't I think of that?

I can see that conversation with her neighbors.

"I just have to get away from all this. The temptation is constantly there. I could make a score at any time in New York, that's why I'm moving as far away as I can."

"So where are you headed? The country? The mountains?"

"Los Angeles."

"Ok. That'll be much better for you."

Of course, if that doesn't work out, she can always move to Amsterdam. Or Bangkok. Or Miami beach.


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