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Thursday, January 06, 2005

There is a big, nappy hair in my sundae.

--Morgan Spurlock

I dearly miss my true love, the McDonald's steak egg and cheese bagel. After that "Eat a Big Mac a Day" documentary, Mickey D's felt the heat, and abandoned the bagel sandwiches and the "Super Sized" option. Great. I'd treat myself to a steak egg and cheese bagel once a month. Just a nice little "yay me" thing. And some overbearing busybodies rip that small pleasure from my soul.

Thanks overbearing busybodies!

Also, I have two kids. I used to be able to roll up to the McDonald's drive thru, and order the two cheeseburger meal "supersized". I'd also ask for a glass of water.

I'd pay the girl, dump the water, and split the soda between the two kids. Then each would get one cheeseburger and half the supersized fries. Do you know how much money that saved? Now, thanks to the same overbearing busybdies, my budget is shot.

Thanks again, overbearing busybodies!


Blogger letti said...

thanks to an upcoming wedding and wanting to look like a petite chinese waif ( which is never going to happen ), i have forsaken fast food, not that i've ever had a love affair with it, but still it's still sad.

9:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I been there, still doing that. Money only streches so far....

10:16 PM  

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