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Monday, January 03, 2005

There ain't been no hippies around here for centuries, man.

--Corporal "Stitch" Jones

I listen to the Jungle. Heck, I even pony up for streamlink so I can catch Jim Rome at work. The show really is more than just sports, it's a pop culture festival. It's something you have to "give a week" to be able to appreciate.

Anyways, an emailer to the show wrote in about Cal getting toasted by Texas Tech "go back to the beach, hippies."

At that point, Rome takes the emailer to task, informing him:

A. Berkeley is not near a beach.
B. There haven't been hippies around there for thirty years.

It's well known that Jim wants to have as little to do with "No Cal" as possible, so I can excuse his ignorance.

No hippies in Berkeley?

My man, that's their only export. The place could be stuck in freaking amber it's so unchanged. I've been there. I've walked the streets. I've seen the hemp clothes and revolutionary bookstores. There are hippies aplenty around the Cal campus.

Oh, and they could take a nice ninety-minute drive to Santa Cruz to catch some waves. From what I remember of /that/ town, I'm sure they do.


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