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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Heil myself.

--Frederick Bronski

From the AP:

two high-school students from the Paris suburbs were expelled or suspended from school for offensive behavior during a class trip to Auschwitz.The students were photographed laughing at an exhibit of Zyklon B poison gas. One student reportedly said: “They were right to burn them,” in reference to the Nazis’ extermination of the Jews.

Sweet! I'm sure those kids are on the right path. After all, they're being educated in France. Obviously, us simple-minded Americans just can't fully understand all the nuance of that statement. They'll be fine, France, so long as you can keep them away from McDonald's. Note to France:

You helped.

Not the evil Pope. Not Cowboy Americans. You.

Your grandparents most likely got quite adept at saying, "Achtung Juden!" Your parents most likely cheered when those backwards peasants in Poland, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia got what was coming to them. You most likely celebrate every time Jewish children get blown up in Israel by your heroes. And now your children laugh at Zyklon B.

Note to the Jewish community in France:


It's coming again. It is so coming again. This time they might not have snazzy black uniforms and swastikas, but it's coming.

Oh, and PS France...

Your grandfather overcharging the Germans on the cheap wine does /not/ make him a member of the Resistance.

That is all.


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