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Saturday, February 05, 2005

They're all sittin' this one out. All except England.

--Col. Andy Tanner

Hat tip to Andrew Stuttaford at The Corner for this piece of America-loathing at The Guardian.

This was something that Europe learned the hard way: two world wars, the rise of the United States and the Soviet Union, and the anti-colonial struggle have taught our continent the limitations of its own power. That is why Europe today, with the partial exception of Britain and France, and exemplified by Germany, is so reluctant to use military force. The United States, of course, is the opposite. It measures its power not by its relative economic and technological prowess, which would suggest restraint, but its military unassailability, which implies the opposite.

Actually, I think the lesson the French learned is: The Germans aren't on the march; the coast is clear. Also notice how Europe doesn't try to measure its power at all. Smart move, Europe.


It is not difficult, of course, for the United States to throw its weight around in the Middle East, a poor and defeated region, one of the big-time losers from globalisation. The world's superpower versus a failed region is a hopelessly unequal contest, especially when the former can rely on the support of its regional policeman Israel, to do its bidding.

Yeah, that's exactly the tune you guys were singing before we went into Iraq and before we went into Afghanistan. Remember that whole bit about Afghanistan being the place where empires go to die? Then again, we're not an empire (what a bunch of smug Marxists think notwithstanding). We actually bring freedom to places. Go ask your friends in Germany and see if they have the honesty to admit it.

Then,the finale:

Indeed, there is something faintly bizarre about the psychotic worship of American values, the incantation of its applicability to each and every country, at a historical moment when, for the first time since its emergence half a millennium ago, the modern world will, in the not too distant future, no longer be monopolised by [sic]the west. It is not difficult to imagine that, by the middle of this century, both China and India will rank among the top five largest economies in the world, with China perhaps the biggest. Nor is this just an economic story, which is how it is generally told. With economic strength comes, in due course, political, cultural and military influence: such has been the case with the emergence of all great powers.

Does this mean the European Union isn't going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread?

You know what? I've heard this song since I was six years old. First it was the Soviets, then the Japanese, then the South Koreans; then there were ten minutes when it was going to be the European Union. Now, it's China and India. Pardon me for not holding my breath until that day arrives.

Last note of the day, notice how this guy equates "The West" with "The United States". Thanks for admitting you guys have sold the birthright of your civilization down the river.


Blogger Rick Moran said...

Excellent fisking, Tom!

He certainly deserved it. What a bunch of sanctimonious crap.

One of the things that jumped out at me was the statement that the middle east is the way that it is because of "globalization." This is patently absurd.

The mid east has been an economic basket case since Reagan deregulated oil prices in the early 80's and oil fell from $35 per barrell to under $15. That and the fact that what passes for governments in that region are actually kleptocracies of the first order with the various sheiks, kings, princes, and holy men robbing their own people blind.

Eventually, people are going to stop blaming "neo-colonialism," globalism, capitalism, and any other ism you can think of and place the blame where it belongs. On the refusal of an entire culture to transcend religion and make their way into the 21st century. Unless and until the peoples of the mid-esat-indeed the entire muslim world-have a reformation similar to the one enjoyed by western europe 500 years ago, they'll remain an economic and cultural backwater, condemned to watch on the sidelines as the rest of the world passes them by.

2:38 AM  
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