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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

What in the hell are the Irish doing fighting with the English?


Ok, this is painful, but necessary.

I l-l-l..I l-l..I li..I despise Rottweiler Puppy only a microscopic amount. You should read Rottweiler Puppy, even though he hails from a barbaric, uncivilized land. I've always believed civilization spread person by person, and now there is a seed of civilized thought and reasoning in that island off the coast of Ireland, specifically below Scotland and east of Wales. Who knows, maybe it will catch on. And I feel magnanimous, we can't really let a mere accident of birth prevent us from appreciating the value of another, can we?

Who am I kidding, of /course/ we can. But in this one case I grant dispensation.

You may read Rottweiler Puppy, and not be questioned for consorting with the enemy. There will be no reprisals in the middle of the night.

That is all.


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