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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

--The Clash

So, is Gov. Richardson going to run in '08, or is he not? We're getting conflicting stories here in Santa Fe. First, the AP is reporting the Governor will be running in 2008. Ron Fournier says he's spoken with some "party leaders", and they're telling him Richardson has disclosed his plans to run.

Now, Steve Terrell is telling us the Governor is denying he said anything of the sort.

If he does run, I have no doubt whatsoever he'd be the strongest challenge the Democrats could field. I have no idea if he'd get the nod, but he would give the Republicans heartburn if he did.

Take a look for yourself, he's already triangulating:

Someone asked Richardson about the threatened Hollywood boycott of New Mexico if the Legislature doesn't ban cockfighting. He said that he thought the move by the Humane Society was "immature." He also said he'd spoken with several producers and directors -- including Robert Redford -- who assured him that such a boycott wouldn't get off the ground as long as the state remains hospitable to filmmakers.

As for cockfighting itself, Richardson still refused to take an actual stand on the issue, saying he feels it's a "distraction" from the real issues. He put it in the same category as gay marriage as a "wedge issue."

First, he's "standing up to Hollywood". If rural, 'values-type' voters are the new demographic craze, showing yourself unwilling to be bullied by the "Susan Sarandon types" is a big positive. Secondly, he's showing he can get the job done. Now dealing with Robert Redford is not the same as dealing with the French or the UN...then again, maybe it is.

Then notice how he doesn't go one way or the other on cockfighting. Personally, I couldn't care either way. It's a battle between the Hollywood elite and folks who like to strap razors to chickens. I don't really feel comfortable siding with either group, so I guess I have no cock in this fight. You have to hand it to the guy though, on the one hand, he's not encouraging a poultry blood sport. On the other hand, he's not trying to wipe out part of some traditional heritage at the behest of out-of-touch "foreigners". Well played.

Finally, this guy can at least speak the moderate language pretty well. Maybe I'm biased, I moved here from California. I lived under Grey Davis. I find myself with a Democrat governor who pledged to eliminate a tax (on food), because he felt a food tax was just plain "wrong". I know, he raised some other taxes to compensate, but when do you hear any Democrat call any tax "wrong"? He makes somewhat pleasing law and order sounds. Read the comments section on the New Mexican's blog about his running. He's obviously hated by the government employees' union.

He can at least be credible in appearing as a moderate. He can convincingly pull off a "Sister Souljah" moment. He'd have a shot in states like Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, and of course, New Mexico.

Then again, the Democrats will probably give us some retread leftist New Englander. Somebody pass them the collected works of Santayana.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah well. this new mexican independent would Never vote for a crook like Richardson. I live in Southern New Mexico, and granted, am away from the get and the go. But Richardson is a crook. His "found votes" the last two elections have a lot of liberals and conservatives doubting him. Yes. Please. Let's wait until 3 am two Presidental Elections in a row to "find missing votes."

I would vote for anyone to vote against Richardson.

1:07 PM  
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